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I’m wondering if someone can help me with the following.

I need to create a new menu every week for a meal service. In this case, I have created one form that includes all the meals, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, regardless of whether a customer only chooses lunch for the number of days they subscribe to the service, they still see the complete form. I have the following questions:

  • Is it possible to display a specific form based on the product they choose? For example, if they choose lunch, they should only see the lunch options, and if they choose dinner only, they should see only the dinner options, etc.
  • Is it possible to limit the choices based on the number of days they subscribe to the service? For example, if they subscribe for three days, they should only be able to select three meal options.
  • You can imagine that it would be a lot of work to manually update all the forms every week with the new menu. Is it possible to create a sort of template that I can load into a form and modify the input in a central place?
  • Is it possible to close a form after a certain time?
  • I’m using a Multi Select field for the options. It would be great if there is an option to create this field in a central place en someone include it in different forms, so that I only have to update it in one place. Can this be a Google Spreadsheet for example? Create a sort of database that will be loaded into the form

Thank you!

Hi Petric! All these things (or at least almost all) are possible. You may need to use some of the Gravty Perks here. For example, GP Limit Choices will let you limit users to X number of options in checkboxes. GP Populate Anything will let you pull options from a Google Spreadsheet.

Some of the requirements you list are native to Gravity Forms: conditional logic to limit which meals are seen, and closing the form after a certain time. Some of your requirements may require some custom coding – depending on how you want to implement them.

If you are looking to hire help for this, reach out to us at Gravity Assist!

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