How can I temporarily disable confirmations until I am ready to process it?

Scenario: I am working with Woocommerce, but the confirmation is firing before I can get the item added to the cart. The confirmation redirects to another Gravity Form with the user’s selections from the previous form.

Note: I am using the Woocommerce Gravity Forms connector. Since I don’t directly own the product I can’t use WooCommerce’s help Gravity Forms Product Add-ons - WooCommerce

I can disable confirmations by adding a filter:
add_filter( “gform_confirmation_” . $form_id, array( $this, “disable_confirmation” ), 999, 4 );
public function disable_confirmation( $confirmation, $form, $lead, $ajax ) {
return false;

but if I try to process the confirmation later or remove_filter it gives me a invalid confirmation message saying it will use the default message. However I have multiple confirmations based on the users input. Depending on what the user selects it goes to a different product with a gravity form.

Is there a way to hold the confirmation until I am ready to fire it?

I am trying to add to cart before firing the confirmation

Gravity Forms doesn’t has any built-in support for WooCommerce, so this sounds like something that should be addressed from the WooCommerce add-on side of things.

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