Hook export process

Hi: I’d like to export feed add-on settings with their associated form. Is there a way forward?

It looks like gform_export_form hook will get me started.

Have you tried the import/export feature? Exporting a form

It doesn’t export feed add-on metadata

That’s interesting because I just imported a form and checked all of my feed settings and everything is there.

Maybe it does and I’m not seeing it…

I wonder if your cache is causing an issue? Can you try adding /?nocache to the end of the feed settings URL

I’m running this on my dev machine, so there’s no caching. I’m not seeing the feed add-on metadata - there’s nothing in the .json file that reflects my feed add-on settings.

I’m responsible for the feed add-on as a plugin on wordpress.org

Is this a particular feed that is created by the plugin you built for Gravity Forms? Your link goes directly to wordpress.org

Yes, it’s a particular plugin. I was just demonstrating the url, as I doubt it would be of interest to you - it’s fairly specialized. Anyway -

Heh - the editor turned it into a link…

I think that’s awesome!

If you are using the Gravity Forms add-on framework I find it interesting that your feed wouldn’t export with the other feeds using the Gravity Forms export feature.

GFFeedaddon Documentation

Perhaps @chrishajer can help you futher. That’s all I got for you!

It’ll copy the feed metadata when I duplicate a form.
Thank-you for your interest!

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When exporting a form, no feeds are exported EXCEPT the Advanced Post Creation feed. By default, no other feeds are exported. This feature has been requested in the past and if you would like to add a vote for it, please click the blue :heavy_plus_sign: in the lower left on this page to add a note for our product team:

Thank you.

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/me nods sagely.
Thanks for the advice!

Looking at that feed add-on, I think all that’s missing is an update to gravityforms/simpleaddon with export/import examples. I added an entry on the roadmap, but a better example would suffice.

My feeds were intact, I thought. Maybe take a look at the advanced post creation add on and see if there’s any clues as to why that feed can be exported.

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Works great, Chris. Thanks!

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