Hide SOFORT Banking / Card in payment methods (Mollie)

Hello everybody,

I’m using Gravity Forms with the Mollie add-on.
I’d like customers to be able to use only iDeal.
Right now, I can’t get rid of the options ‘SOFORT Banking’ an ‘Card’.
Does anyone know how to delete or hide these options?

Thanks in advanced.


My Dashboard setting are already like this.

Hi Ruben. The Mollie Add-On will present all the payment methods enabled in the Mollie account. If you don’t want one to show in the form, you can disable it in the Mollie account. Mollie support can help you with that.

If that does not work for you, you can use the gform_mollie_payment_methods filter to remove payment methods. The process is a little bit involved, so I recommend opening a support ticket for instructions:


Thank you.

Thanks for your respond.

I already disabled all the paymentmethods, check screenshot.

I’ll send a ticket-request. :slight_smile:

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