Hide/display lablels based on placeholder shown status

Trying to figure out if it’s possible to have placeholders show/labels hidden but when someone starts typing (placeholder disappears) the label will display.

I figured out how to make changes to the input field based on the placeholder text status using the following code:

#input_75_1_3_container [type=“text”]:not(:placeholder-shown):valid {
border: 2px solid #ff0000;

This will change the border around the field to red when someone starts typing but I can’t get it to make any changes to the label.

Hello. Gravity Forms does not currently offer that functionality. It has been requested before though. If you agree this would make a good addition to Gravity Forms, I recommend adding a note to our product roadmap. Click the blue plus in the lower left on this page to add a note for our product team:

I’ll leave this open in the event someone can help you with the customization. Thank you.

For reference, this is sometimes referred to as a “Float label” or “Floating label” pattern:

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