Help Needed: Link form data to Online Searchable Table

Hello! I’m trying to create a non-profit member directory form to allow contact info can be submitted for approval/auto inclusion in a “searchable directory table,” something like Ninja Table provides. However, I have three features that I can’t quite figure out in NT and Fluent Forms or GF without paying an annual fee (between $100-$250/year), which the non-profit club would like to avoid. And because I prefer GF and have worked with it for years, I was hoping someone could help or have a better solution for these needs:

(1) Submitted form data needs to be editable on the backend in case member data changes.
(2) Listings need to automatically purge based on an expiration date indicated in the form entry. I would prefer form expiration dates not to be visible in the table view.
(3) I would like email and website addresses to automatically display as active links that read “Email” and “Visit Online” to keep the table more condensed, organized, and effective.

To view an example page, visit:

The first table is what we’d like and the second table is my current attempt at joining Fluent Forms to Ninja Tables.

Thanks for any help!

Hi @selhost - have you already looked at GravityView?

They have some examples of the things you can build, here:

Yes, but the request if for a non profit and they don’t want to afford $250/yr to achieve their goals. I think we may be able to use Fluent Form and ninja Tables for less than $100. I was hoping to find a better and more permanent solution to meet their needs via coding. I don’t think that’s possible though.

Thanks for your suggestion!

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