Help: action "gform_post_payment_completed" is not called

Hey everyone,

I’m building a wordpress plugin that hooks into GF to send form submissions (+ payment information) to Navision ERP.
On my local env (WP 5.9.2 + GF + PronamicPay 8.1.0) it works like a dream.
But on our staging server (WP 5.9.2 + GF 2.5.16 + PronamicPay 8.1.0) it seems like the action “gform_post_payment_completed” isn’t called after the payment is completed. After the paymet is completed i just get redirected to the “completed” page.

Anybody an idea what this could be and how i could fix it?

I would recommend you to reach the PronamicPay add-on author for assistance, we don’t have any experience with it.

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