GravityView approval redirect filter

Does GravityView have a filter to set the URL visitors are redirected to after clicking on a public approval link? I’ve scrolled through the related classes but couldn’t find a way to set the URL (without hard-coding it).

Hi @user5ab22cd517e418.1

Unfortunately, there’s no filter for that in the code.

I created an enhancement request for that in our GitHub repository so we can implement this functionality in a future version of GravityView: Add filter to entry moderation merge tag return url · Issue #1874 · GravityKit/GravityView · GitHub

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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Thank you so much for the quick reply and for adding the feature request.

@rafaehlers Another minor thing I’m missing, as I’m moving from GravityFlow to GravityView, is being able to set the approval link text. Sometimes “confirm” or “authorize” fits better than “approve”. I would love to see the link text as an added merge tag parameter (or just a merge tag for the URL instead of the whole HTML link tag).

@user5ab22cd517e418.1 we have a feature request for that as well: Make the Approve Entries field on the front end more accessible · Issue #1845 · GravityKit/GravityView · GitHub


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