Gravity Survey Score per Step in multi-page form

Hi, I have a multipage form, with a gravity survey addon, I want to get the total score per each step, not the survey total score for all the questions.

Hello @dacmail - page scoring is not currently a feature of the Survey Add-On. Can your questions be created without using the Survey Add-On? If so, and you can use checkbox or radio button fields, there may be a way to score every page. Please let us know your scenario. Thank you.

Also, we do have page or section scoring on our list of requested features for the Survey Add-On. If you agree that is an important enhancement, I recommend adding your note to our Product Roadmap:

Thank you.

Thank you very much for your response @chrishajer, I’m using Survey add-on because I need grid options like this: Dropbox Capture

But yes, I’m considering to use option buttons and a calculation field for each page/step.

Thank you for the information. With the Likert field you are using, it’s not possible for the Survey Add-On to provide per-page scoring. As I mentioned, that is already requested, and you can add a comment to the product roadmap if you would like to vote for this feature.

The Likert field selections cannot be used in calculations at all. You could collect the information in radio button fields (not using the Survey field), with the setting “show values” enabled, and then on each page have a number field, with the calculation enabled. You can add up all the individual merge tags on each page, then do whatever you need to later in the form based on that score. The regular radio button field will not look at all like the Likert field you are using currently.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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