Gravity list make rows actives instead of pressing the '+' in frontend

Hello There,

I need some advice on how to make my gravity list rows active, I have atleast 10 rows , I want them to make active in frontend when customer ready fill out the form, is that possible? please help.

Yes you can do that with this solution:

Hello Thanks for the answer,

However Im non developer, so I followed the instruction and I put all source code from that topic, and I get 503 error, so I removed it.

I copied all of this into my theme function.php above. am i doing wrong?

thanks for the help.

Make sure to remove the opening <?php tag before pasting the snippet to your theme’s fucntions.php file.

You can also create a custom functions plugin instead, you can see a tutorial of how to do it here:

Or use a third-party plugin to add snippets to your site, this is a good one: