Gravity Forms (v2.5) Version 2.5 Release Date

I have taken a keen interest on the 2.5 version of Gravity Forms. Wondering when the official release date is scheduled or if it is TBD?

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There is no release date set yet Dere. I would expect at least one more release candidate, but how long before we see that or how long that will be out before the next version has not yet been determined.


IMO… GF should have never even said and shown anything about how fluffy the new version is supposed to be… then have people wait for MONTHS. Makes no sense to me…

Gravity Forms 2.5 has a lot of big changes, and Gravity Forms has a large third party development community. From a third party perspective, it’s been great that they have made the betas available as soon as possible and kept iterating on the release based on feedback from the community. The last thing anyone wants is for people to upgrade and it cause a breakage at any point in the chain of code that integrates with Gravity Forms (core, third party plugins, themes, or custom solutions). Plus all the documentation that needs to be updated to reflect the new UI/UX.

At Gravity PDF this long lead time has allowed us to really polish the version that will support Gravity Forms 2.5. If we only had a small window of time to do this work, I guarantee it would negatively affect many, many users. And our plugin is only one small part of the ecosystem.


@Jake_Jackson couldn’t agree more. The 2.5 version certainly introduces a better UI/UX for customers. I certainly know the markup is different and in some instances it’s been completely revamped.

Fortunately Gravity Painter was built for Gravity Forms v2.5 and later versions. This should help a lot of people making the transition when it comes to updating their styles and layouts.

Glad to hear Gravity PDF is being proactive!

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Just looked at your Gravity Painter…
#1 https://gravitypainter/messenger leads to
This site can’t be reached
gravitypainter’s server IP address could not be found.

#2 While on this page Gravity Painter | The Messenger Theme for Gravity Forms | Demo Now!
When you click to see the demo, it shows the dark version instead.

@bernardberry646 the website and plugin are still being developed.

The plugin is specifically designed for v2.5 and we plan on our official release date matching Gravity Forms v2.5s official realease.

Just saw this on Facebook:

Gravity Forms 2.5 - Coming Tuesday, April 27th!

We are excited to announce that Gravity Forms 2.5 has a target date for release - Tuesday, April 27th!

Find Out More: Gravity Forms 2.5 - Coming Tuesday, 27th April! | Gravity Forms