Gravity forms error in Widget area [RESOLVED]

When I go to Appearance / Widgets, I immediately receive the following error:

“The “gravityforms” plugin has encountered an error and cannot be rendered.”

This is a multi-site network using Gravity Forms Elite license.

The error appears in the widget section for all subdomains and the primary domain even though we are not attempting to add forms to the widget area.

I don’t see a Gravity Forms setting that would be incorrect as they are pretty basic. Are there any ideas why I would be seeing this message?

Thank you.

Hi Craig. This issue has been fixed in the latest Gravity Forms interim release, v2.7.2.2, which is available on your downloads page here:

Once you install the update, clear any caching or script optimization service you are using, then check the Appearance → Widgets page to see if the error message is gone. If you need anything else, please let us know.

Thank you, Chris, that did indeed resolve the issue.
I appreciate your assistance.

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