Gravity Forms Athena Integration

I’m looking for someone that has experience creating an integration with Athena through their API from writing their proposal to configuration. We are collecting information through a gravity form and want to create a new profile in Athena or update an existing profile. Anyone with experience on this?

Hey Mark,

I haven’t worked specifically with Athena but I have connected Gravity Forms to other APIs at various stages of the Gravity Forms process.

Can you clarify which Athena API you are referring to? Amazon Athena? Athena Health? Or another Athena named API?

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Hi @kuztek, Athena Health. They have a really weird process for creating a custom API. I’ve been working with them for a few months and visited Codeable but it seems you need a decent understanding of Athena to move forward. We can chat offline if you are interested in learning more. I’m ready to get this project over with. Not sure how this job board works but am available to chat when you are.

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