Gravity Forms add-on for Constant Contact sending data inconsistently

I recently purchased Gravity Forms (Basic) so that I could use the Constant Contact integration feature. I created a registration form for my church that collects data for four fields: first name, last name, email and phone. [“Phone” is an optional custom field. I did not want to use the default home, business or mobile phone types from Constant Contact.] I’ve done all the required field mappings. Sometimes, the Gravity form writes data to Constant Contact, and sometimes it doesn’t. I do get email notifications of a new registration entry, but I would prefer that the Constant Contact list to which my feed is connected gets contacts written to it. (Note : I am permitting duplicate email addresses to get written to Constant Contact, because my custom list overlaps other ones already in existence.)
There is no sign of an error occurring. I am running Wordpress 5.5.1, and PHP 7.3. Namecheap is my hosting company. Please advise–the whole idea of using this plugin was to eliminate double data entry. Gravity Forms is the fourth plugin I’ve vetted to use to create a simple registration form that does everything I need it to.
Matthew P. Seltzer
Owner, Seltzer Software Services LLC
East Meadow, NY 11554

Hi Matthew. The best way to resolve this is to open a support ticket here:

Support will need logging enabled for Gravity Forms Core and Constant Contact, and a copy of your system report, and be sure to test a registration form with the logging enabled so they can dig right in to the logging to see what is going on. Thank you.

Hi, Chris,
Thank you. I think I saw what the problem is (although I don’t think there is anything I can do about it without your help). I went into the Gravity Forms settings for Constant Contact and I noticed that the connection between Gravity Forms and Constant Contact had dropped. I refreshed the connection and am waiting for some more registrations today. I will turn on logging for Gravity Forms Core right now (I had already turned on Constant Contact logging.) Hoping for the best but I still have to keep an eye on this.
Matt P. Seltzer

That would do it. Do you want me to test your form so we can check the subscription status? If so, share the link and I’ll test the form and let you know it’s done.

I don’t mean to sound stupid, but my subscription status with Gravity or with Constant Contact? But, yes, by all means, please go ahead and test the form. The URL is .

P.S. Is there any way that your Constant Contact plugin can RETURN results from the underlying Constant Contact API call containing the length of the signup list so that I can display it on the page? Otherwise, I am looking into writing my own plugin in PHP (gulp) to call the Constant Contact API and get this number and display it (I have no experience with this but I would like to learn how to do it).

Hi Matthew. I just submitted the form with the email address

Let me know what the status of that subscription is.

As for your last request, there’s not way to do that with the plugin currently. It would be custom code to call the Constant Contact API.

Hi, Chris,
You got registered in Constant Contact for the December Parish Summit–it worked. But what could be causing the connection to Constant Contact to disappear randomly? (I saw in the Gravity Community that I am not the only one who’s experienced this.)

I’m glad it worked. I received my welcome from " The Church of St. Jude (Episcopal) <>" as well. As far as the disconnection, I am not sure about that. I recommend opening a support ticket for assistance from Gravity Forms support to find out what the latest possible reasons are for that: