Gravity form stopped working after updating plugin

We have updated wordpress version to 5.8.3 and updated all plugins along with gravity forms. After that all forms are stopped working.
Submit button does not respond to the event fired, even we are not getting any error in browser console.
We have checked by deactivating other plugins, but still plugin was not working.
Please help us to make form working for our site.

Gravity Forms is fully compatible with WordPress 5.8.3. I can’t replicate the issue describe in any of my test sites.

If you’re using any third-party page builder or modal solution, I would recommend you to create a test page using the default WordPress editor to embed the form as described here.

If you’re still able to replicate the issue embedding the form that way, you will want to proceed with a full conflict test.

Note that for a valid conflict test, as the documentation explains the first try must be done with only Gravity Forms enabled, all other plugins disabled, and using a default WP theme without custom code (e.g. Twenty Twenty-One).

I did the same. I could find that there must be confliction between my theme and gravity form.
It was working well before updates. Theme we are using is custom theme, it is not purchased from any platform.
Can you help to fix the issue?

Hi Shikha. Whoever customized the theme will need to resolve the conflict. Or, you can find some help for hire here if you need to:

Thank you.

I was also having problems with the submit button not responding and have found the disabling the Chrome Extension ‘uBlock Origin’ was able to fix the problem

Thanks @user5f973de37937e628 - I saw your new topic here:

Thank you for sharing that finding.

Major problems for us - sad day. Can’t roll-back either to a working version as its not supported or even shared, can’t submit ticket as that doesn’t work either, and weekends no one works.

Hi Rebecca. What happens when you try to open a support ticket here:

The support form is definitely working without issue. If you have an error message onscreen, please let us know what that is. Thank you.

Thank you for the support, we could fix the issue by updating few lines of code from the theme, which caused to update submit button of the form.