Gravity Form inserted to WPBakery Template can't reference ACF fields on Custom Post Type


I have run into an issue when inserting a Gravity Form into a page template via WPBakery.

The Donation Form we are using references ACF Field values of a Custom Post type, and then changes what is displayed on the Form based on those ACF field values dynamically from post to post. If we include the Donation Form outside of a template, everything works great.

However, once that same Form is added to the post through a WPBakery template the dynamic behavior stops working. We’ve tried adding the form to the WPB template both as a shortcode and with a WPBakery’s Gravity Form object, neither option has gotten that dynamic functionality to work. It feels like adding a Gravity Form to a post through a template is somehow preventing the dynamic code’s ability to reference the ACF Fields.

Please let me know if someone has a solution to getting a Form added to a WPB Template to reference ACF Fields on the Custom Post Type the template is applied to.

Hi Eric. Did you already open a support ticket with Gravity Forms for this? I recommend doing that and referencing this topic. They may be able to help you with an approach.

Thanks Chris, I’ll do that now!

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