Gform_column_input - Replacing Field Parts

Happy Monday!
So I’ve been noticing that gform_column_input has has been throwing errors:

When I try to implement it into forms, it starts off fine, and my list field has a working checkbox or other feature. On submit and usually starting with the third row, it pushes the content of form fields to the cell on the left.

add_filter( 'gform_column_input_content_50_3_1', 'column_50_3_1', 10, 5 );
function column_50_3_1( $input_info, $field, $column, $value, $form_id ) {
  	//$value = 1;
  	$input_field_name = 'input_' . $field->id . '[]';
    $tabindex = GFCommon::get_tabindex();
    $new_input = '<input name="' . $input_field_name . '" ' . $tabindex . ' type="checkbox" value="selected"></input>';
    return $new_input;

When I remove my gform_column_input fields, the error goes away.

Any thoughts on a proper work around? I’ll also be submitting this to Gravity Support.

Have you already tried updating to the latest build from the downloads page?

Also, have your checked for theme and plugin conflicts on the site?


I do need to update. I’m waiting for the weekend to shutdown the site, backup and do updates.

The debugging plugin just does the same thing as turning plugins off and on again, so it seems unnecessary. In any case, I think last time i tried it and it threw its own error on my site.

My theme might have issues, but I’m too deep in (done a lot of customizations) to change my theme now. So I generally feel it is better to find the conflict within the Theme and work around it… or just work around it from the beginning :smile:

Yes, the Debug add-on is the same as deactivating your plugins and activating an Automattic Twenty * theme. It just allows you to do that without affecting any site visitors, if that is an issue for you.

It won’t work on multisite. However, if it throws an error, I recommend opening a support ticket for that.

I’ve been having issues with Elementor and my theme and couldn’t quite pinpoint what the cause was.

So, I made the solid decision to fake having another theme active while inside the WP Dashboard :grimacing: :wink:

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Papa likes! I’ll have to give something like that a go!

I just cloned one of my sites to change a few things without having an impact on visitors and wanted to change the theme too. Got the ‘theme is activated’ message, but the theme just didn’t change. After about 10 tries and disabling plugins etc. I realised the mu-plugin file for having a different theme active in the Dashboard was cloned too ofcourse… :grimacing:

So, long story short: don’t forget you have this active when you’re trying to change themes :innocent: :rofl:

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