Get Media Library URL of posted image


I was prepare a form to dynamic creating Blog post with Post Title, Post image, Post Category, Post Body, and Post Excerpt fields. To make special layout with Betheme, I need to get the URL of header image from Media Library, which it posted in Post Image filed. That URL have to be filled in Post Custom field (mfn-post-header-bg) in same form.

Any help please,

Regards, Daniel

Once the entry is turned into a Post, It should be retrieved just like any Post/Page image. If you are doing Custom Posts, you might want to use the Pods Plugin with your Gravity Forms, though there is a lot of setup involved.

Another thought. Try using:

In conjunction with a post_submission.

Hi there,
how can I turn an entry into a post?

I can’t find the answer on the documentation and tutorials.

Thanks in advance

There’s no easy way to turn an existing entry into a post, but you can create posts from Gravity Forms form submissions by using Post Fields. There is a great write-up of how to do that here:

That uses built in Gravity Forms field (the Post fields) and does not rely on the Advanced Post Creation. If you need assistance setting that up, I recommend opening a support ticket:

Thank you.

Thanks, Chris.
I had seen this write-up before, but I guess I’have to go through it once more

Thanks Eva. It’s a really good one. If you get stuck, let us know.