Get_entries echo confirmation message

Hi there,

I’ve got a conditionnal multipage form and i want in the user account page to show the confirmation message he had when he finished the forms.

I did :

$form_id = '4';
$search_criteria = array( 'status'  => 'active', 'key' => 'created_by', 'value' => $current_user->ID  ); 
$entries = GFAPI::get_entries( $form_id, $search_criteria );
					foreach ( $entries as $entry ) :   
						echo $entry["id"];
						echo $entry["date_created"];
						echo '<pre>'; 
						echo var_dump( $entry );
						echo '</pre>';


But can’t find how to display the confirmation message.
I need your help ! Any idea ?


The confirmation messages are stored as part of the form object, not part of the entry. If you have more than one confirmation, you will need to pull both the form and the entry, and determine from the entry data which confirmation would have been shown, then show that. If the confirmation has any dynamic information from the entry, you will need to add that back in as well.

Thank you Chris, I understand better the thing but canno’t apply it !

When i do

$form = GFAPI::get_form($form_id); 
$entries = FAPI::get_entries( $form_id)

I do not have anything in commun that i can “merge” …
I hoped that i can do in the form i can find at least the entries id …


In your $entry object, you have access to the form ID, like this: $entry['form_id']

Then you can use GFAPI::get_form with that form ID to obtain the confirmations that are configured for that form.

Thank you Chris,

With what you say, I got all the confirmations possible for that form but i would like to have the confirmation the user had …

I’m thinking, maybe this is the solution of my problem :
Is there a way to save the confirmation message in the entry ?
Maybe in a field in pre submit post ?