Forms menu disappeared after upgrade to GF 2.4.20

After upgrading to the latest version (2.4.20), the Forms item has disappeared from the WordPress item. I can see the Plugin in the Plugin list, but when I click on Details it says “Plugin not found”. The forms are still showing on the website. Worst - I cannot submit a ticket since it requires the support report which is only accessed from the Forms menu… catch22!!

Hi Jodi. In order to contact us without submitting a support ticket, you can use our contact form, and select “Other” for your reason. You won’t need to log in or attach the system report.

It sounds like a permissions issue. Are you using a plugin like Members or the like that would be controlling your user’s capabilities? If so, please check there first to see if your role has all the Gravity Forms and Gravity Forms Add-Ons capabilities.

If you need assistance with that, please use the Contact Form and we’ll help figure it out: