Form URL for Internal Team

Hi all!

I have created our forms to be used on our website, but we also need those same forms (minus some of the required fields) to be available for our internal team to fill them out. I need these to be internal facing only so cannot put them on our website, but not sure the best way for them to access the forms then. I was thinking maybe a URL on our Office365 dashboard (is that even possible?), but figured someone out there may have a better idea.


Hi Jeff !

From the perspective of the web server, is there anything about the page requests from the internal team’s browser client to distinguish their requests from those of the public ?

(like are they logged into WP, or coming from an internal and known IP)

Could you have an input text box for an internal user to provide a password ?


The website is our external customer facing site and we really don’t want to have our customer service team in the backend of the site so trying to figure out if we need to stand up another WP site or if there is a way to get a URL for the forms and simply put them on our intranet?

HI again

Assuming I’m following you correctly…

Why not make a new page that includes the same forms you expose to the public ?
You can even put a password required for the “internal-only” page(s).


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