Form sometimes redirects other times does not

Hello. I have a 9 question gravity form. It intermittently does not redirect to another page where people can schedule an appointment. Instead it will stay on the same WP page and say “Thanks for contacting us! We will get in touch with you shortly.”

Why is this happening? I want this form to redirect to another page every single time.

This is extremely frustrating. Thanks for any help.

If the submissions are marked as spam, or trapped by the honeypot (if you enabled that setting) you will see the default confirmation, which is hard-coded into the plugin.

I recommend enabling logging, then testing the form:

If you see that message rather than being redirected to your schedule page, check the Gravity Forms Core log (on Forms → Settings → Logging) for what happened with that submission. If you need assistance with the log, please share a link to the log file (you can find that in your System Status report, or copy the link from the Forms → Settings → Logging page) and share that here. Thank you.

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