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Good morning,

We are having an issue on our dev site with a form that sits on top of a revolution slider. When you navigate to it via Desktop it works fine.

However, when I navigate to the site via mobile the labels go away as well as the button text and the form is unusable and looks like this.

Here is a link to the dev site:

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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The first two things to try:

  1. Does it happen when it’s not in a revolution slider?

  2. Does it happen with a default Twenty* theme, or in the form preview?

  1. It seems to only happen when it is sitting on top of the revolution slider.
  2. I will try revolution + twenty theme to see

Yes, this does happen on the 2019 theme.

You can see a live example here:

If the issue happens only when using the form with Revolution Slider, then I recommend contacting them for support. That is, if the form itself works OK when not using the slider.

I think your bigger issue is that even if it worked the form is so small on mobile that it’s useless. I’ve used GF within Revolution Slider (it’s embedded into a persistent slide) but for mobile put the form underneath so it’s larger and more useable.

Take a look at this site on desktop and then on mobile:

Mad Dog

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