Form CSS / output default CSS not loading on single page (woocommerce checkout page)


I am in the middle of troubleshooting so I cannot present the full story just yet, however, if anyone knows what could be the reason why the form styles are not loaded on a single page, please point me to whatever could be helpful here.

Output default CSS is enabled.

The /cart page however, loads the form without CSS, so it looks the same as when “Output default CSS” is disabled.

In the Network tab I can see that formsmain.min.css is loading, however the styles do not get applied when I am on the /cart page.

Context: actually, the form is added in a popup, however the form in the popup comes with styles on every page, and without styles when triggered from the /cart page

Thanks in advance …

I could copy the entire content from formsmain.css to my own style.css in the theme - that would work, but it feels like a dirty workaround, especially as it works everywhere except on /checkout

Please check it once that CSS applied might not be override

It’s not overwritten as I would clearly see it … it looks like the formsmain.min.css or formsmain.css is simply not used. It’s visible in the network tab and accessible. Browsing thought the elements though, I can’t see one single style applied or overwritten from formsmain.css

And this happens only on /cart

My workaround to copy all approx. 3000 lines of CSS into my own style.css is of course everything else than good (but it works)

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