Flags for the "Countries" predefined choices?

Hey guys,

Does anyone have/know of a solution to add country flags to the “Countries” predefined choices in a drop-down field? Not talking about the Phone field now.



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Not something you can do out of the box. You could enable dynamic population for the field and put HTML images for the flags in the labels for the drop down choices using your own custom dynamic population code for the field. Here’s an example how to populate a drop down field using code: https://docs.gravityforms.com/gform_pre_render/#h-1-populate-choices

Make sure you still use plain text values, without HTML, for the values.


Hey Samuel,

Thanks a bunch for that suggestion. But yikes! :sweat_smile:

Methinks it’s more trouble to get done than it’s worth having. For me at least! :grin:

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