Field 'Description Placement' is not showing [RESOLVED]

I would like to place the ‘Description’ field right below the ‘Field Label’.

The way Gravity Forms is placing it right now is as follows

Field Label (title)
Radio Buttons

I would like it to be;

Field Label (title)
Radio Buttons.

I know under Appearance there is an option where you can choose if it must show above the Radio Buttons or below the Radio Buttons. But this option only shows when I choose to Hide the Field Label (which I don’t wat to hide).

In an old version of Gravity Forms on my old website I did not have this problem.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance!

You can view printcsreens of the problem over here:
Printscreen 1
Printscreen 2

In the meantime I solved the problem by editing the general settings of the form (not by editing the individual fields). :slight_smile: