Export a specific survey score?


I’m trying to find out how to export a single specific survey score (weighted) for a particular question. I am trying to do more, but if I start with a single export or should I say where the value is stored to be exported I can then build upon this.

One possible solution could be to send the data to Google sheets and then have Sheets automate sending of an email. But I don’t think this is the slickest way to do it - or is it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Exporting Survey scores is not a feature of the add-on. But you could use some custom code to setup something.

The following example can be used to send Scores to Zapier if you use the Zapier add-on: gform_zapier_request_body - Gravity Forms Documentation

Once the data reach Zapier.com, you can send it to Google Sheets or other services. You can find more information about the Zapier add-on and available Zaps in the following links:

I hope that helps!


Thanks for this.

I’ve also noticed Integromat has a Gravity Forms integration, but there isn’t a specific add-on for integromat within Gravity Forms.


Do you have any experience with Integromat?

Thanks again


You’re welcome Zia :wink:, I don’t have any experience with Integromat, but it seems that they make use of the REST API to connect their service with your Gravity Forms installation without an add-on, I found this: Gravity Forms App Help Docs | Integromat Help Center

I hope that helps!

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