End users can bulk Import values /Copy+Paste list of entries

Hi. Are there any features/add-ons that would allow END USERS to:

  1. import fields/headers and their values (.csv) or copy+paste fields/headers and values as an input.

and then.

  1. map these user input fields and values to my field schema

and, ideally,

  1. provide some validation/user correction feed back.

I realize this is creating a one-to-many relationship with main user record and their submitted entry records…

Use case.

We have schools that set them selves up for fundraisers and we need them to copy/paste or upload their roster of teachers . So the the school administrator will create a school record entry as a first part of the sign up process…and then at one step the end-user load/paste their roster for teachers at the school and map whatever they may have as their field labels to our target data schema and import/accept those entries.

Are there any tools that do this? Alternately, are they any developer that can be recommended?