Edit label of "apply" button for coupon codes

Add an option to edit the label of the “apply” button when using coupon add-on (similar to the option to edit the label of the “send” button of the whole form)

That’s a good request: I did not realize that was not possible to change until now. I will add your feature request. For the time being, you can use a plugin like Say What? to change that string.

Screenshot after changing the string with the plugin:


Hi Chris, thank you for your fast response and for picking this up. And thank you for the hint / tutorial on how to create a workaround with the plugin.

I will most likely not use it, though, as I try to keep the number of plugins installed low. I guess I can also use Poedit for the same purpose and add a language file, maybe I will try this. As the whole issue is not critical, so I might as well wait for the feature to be added…