Dynamically Populating Category Field

hi, i want if is possible to dynamically populating a Category field with a current category value.
For example on a Archive page of a Category (category name=“Dogs”, category id=3) after category’s posts i want to add a form (with post Fields) where the Category field is populating with the current category value (“Dogs”).

Is it possible?

It’s possible to use GP Populate Anything to populate a Category field with the current post’s category when the form is embedded on the Post page.

However, if I understand correctly, the form will be added to the Category Archive page? If so I am not really sure this Populate Anything filter will work for you. That said, how exactly will the form be added to the Category Archive page?

thanks a lot for the suggestion but i want to find the code to add the current category to my form.
On the archive page I just add the form after the posts using shortcode.

In theme’s functions.php I put the following code

//Get Page Category - For Demo Form
add_filter("gform_field_value_makis", "populate_pagecategory");

function populate_pagecategory($value){
    global $post; 
    $categories = get_the_category( $post->ID,'metakeyname',true);
    $value = $categories[0]->cat_name;
    return $value;

which normally feeds a field (for example: single line text field) with the value of the current category (just for a test). But as soon as I try the code to feed the Category field the code can not feed with the value of the current category this field.