Dynamically Populate Select Menu from Link

I’m having trouble finding the documentation for this operation to be handled on the same page without a refresh (JavaScript-based instead of a PHP function). I have an anchored link with a query string that specifies the value of the targeted select menu, and it works when loading the page with that link syntax, but I can’t get it to work when clicking a link (with the same syntax) on that same page. So really I just need documentation of this operation, but client-side. Any guidance appreciated.

Hi Anna. There is no Gravity Forms-specific function for that. You will need to do that with jQuery or JavaScript to populate a field in the form when a link is clicked.

I am aware … I was hoping someone here might be able to point me to a working example of something similar… This is essentially what I’m trying to accomplish, but once you add the smooth-scroll anchor, Wordpress, a horrible pagebuilder GUI on top of it (Elementor), AND Gravity Forms, it adds additional layers of complexity I’m struggling to wade through.

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