Dynamically populate field from results of another field

trying to populate a field on the results of another field.

first field: select a program / program x=60hours, program y=120hours
second field: autopopulates the field with the hours associated.

seems easy enough but can’t figure it out.


How are you trying to populate?

Are you using this? Gravity Forms Populate Anything - Enable Dynamic Population - Gravity Wiz

currently i just have gravity forms elite installed is this yet another paid plugin ?

Hi @user63bc859dcbe90389 - the Populate Anything plugin has a feature called Live Merge Tags that can handle this:

Live Merge Tags.
Add auto-updating merge tags anywhere inside your form (e.g. labels, descriptions, choices, values, HTML content).

If you don’t want to use another plugin for this, you would need to create the JavaScript or jQuery to populate one field later in the form based on the earlier selection.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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