Dynamically load a Search Field from MSSQL Db

I was curious if it was possible to dynamically populate a field as fast as the Google Maps API with data from my MSSQL DB? The field will need to allow a client to search for a Property Name that will then populate the Property Address.

I reviewed Gravity Perks on a low level; however, I did not see that it would dynamically load data or that it was a fast process.

Hi Michael. I think Gravity Wiz Populate Anything Perk will work for this, but I recommend contacting them to be sure:

Populate Anything supports populating from MySQL/MariaDB using this snippet, however MSSQL is not currently supported.

If you could get the data into a supported database type, we can certainly help you with getting things hooked up for population. In the mean time, Iā€™m going to log this one as a feature request.