Dynamic Population of Likert [RESOLVED]

I have an email that has 10 different buttons for a net promoter score. I need it to pass a variable /?score=2 to the form and have the radio button in the likert survey selected, but it doesn’t seem to be effected. Does anyone have a solution?

Hi Vince. The survey field values are all obfuscated, so sending the label (2 in your example) will not work. If you view the source of the page and inspect that field, you will find the value associated with the labels for your likely field. That is what you need to send in the query string. It will look something like this:


And you would send it like this:

That will preselect the matching rating on your likert scale. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Hi Chris,

That did the trick perfectly. Thanks for the insight.

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