Duplicating a field on the form caused field ID to change

My database has hundreds of rows of data already. I use REST API to fetch form data periodically.

I need to add a field to the form (and thus the database), and have that field become part of the fetch. It is important that the new field come at the end of the structure in the fetch and not interrupt the order of the other fields.

I created this new field by duplicating an existing field. Existing field was ID:7. After the duplication, the existing field became ID:11 and the new field became ID:7. So, all of the data that should be mapped to the old ID:7 is now mapped to the new ID:7. This is a huge problem for me and I cannot determine how to fix it.

In a panic, I deleted the new field. But the original field remains at ID:11. I really need that field to go back to ID:7. How can I fix this?

Hi Kellee. When duplicating a field, the original field ID remains, and the duplicate is assigned the next available field ID. It sounds like your duplicate field has an ID of 11. The original field will have an unchanged ID of 7.

If you have deleted any fields, you deleted the data that was collected with that field. My recommendation is to restore a copy of the database from before the form was edited and the field was duplicated.

If you would like assistance figuring out what happened, please open a support ticket here: https://www.gravityforms.com/open-support-ticket/technical/

Thank you.

How do I restore a copy of the database?

Hi Kellee. I recommend contacting your host for assistance with that. That’s not something Gravity Forms can help you with.

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