Double asterisk next to the names of required fields [RESOLVED]

Hello -

A double asterisk (**) is appearing next to the name of each “required” field. Does anyone know what’s causing this and how I can make the form show only one asterisk (*)?

I can’t replicate the issue in a default WordPress installation. Check if maybe you have added the asterisk as part of the field label. If that’s not the case, I would recommend you to perform a full conflict test.

Hi @sacom - I haven’t added an asterisk as part of the field label. I’ve read through the “full conflict test” article, but unfortunately it’s too technical for me and I don’t understand how to troubleshoot the issue.

Here is a screenshot of the issue:

I’ve determined that this is related to the “Styles and Layout” plugin I’ve installed (developed by WP Monks). I will reach out to them for support.