Don't Submit If Over Max Character Count

Hi everyone. I have a few paragraph text fields with various character counts set as a max. When a user goes over the max, it cuts the remaining characters off and still allows the user to submit the form.

Is there a way to give an error and not submit the form without the user reducing their character count first below the max?

I’ve tried Gravity Perks Word Count perk, but it functions very similarly.

Require Minimum/Maximum Character Limit for Gravity Forms - Gravity Wiz is exactly what I am looking for, but it only seems to work for one field ID, as I have 3, each with different character count max.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance for your help or suggestions.

Hi David,

Dario from Gravity Wiz :man_mage:. You should be able to get this working with this Perk: Gravity Forms Word Count | Gravity Perks by Gravity Wiz

From what I understand it will require some customization to not trim the Characters / Words.

Please give us a shout here: Have a question about Gravity Perks? - Gravity Wiz and we will try helping you.


Dario, thanks for reaching out. I think my biggest hurdle isn’t necessarily the words/characters being trimmed, but allowing the user to submit the form when the count has been exceeded.

Basically, we are wanting the users to submit a small article for a newsletter. When they paste in their content, if they go over the max, it still allows them to submit it.

I’ll reach out where you linked for help.

BTW, we use GW for other projects - love your work!

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