Does the date field allow to not select the mondays?


before purchasing a pro licence i check some features about the date field. i already use the demo to test my form.
i add a date field but there is no option to desable the mondays (or any other day or date) ?
can we setup a period too ?
if i don’t want the user to choose a past day or a monday, how i can fix that before the submission ?

Best regards

You can use the gform_datepicker_options_pre_init filter to make some days/dates unavailable:

You will need to combine two of the examples there to block both Mondays and all past days. If you have any other questions before you purchase, please let us know.

thank you for the reply.
so we need a programr/coder person to setup that. This feature is not available in the user interface. As we migrate our website from joomla to wordpress, we searched for equivalent feature in form. Our previous Form plugin (balboa form pro) allow us to setup days, weeks, periods “from the mouse” in the form builder, not with third-party php codes…