Calendar config woes

Hello - noob here… hoping for some guidance.

I have a form for table reservations at a restaurant. I need to block out mondays and I also need to block Xmas Eve and NYE as options… here’s the code which I have added in an html block on the form:

gform.addFilter('gform_datepicker_options_pre_init', function (optionsObj, formId, fieldId) {
    if (formId == 3 && fieldId == 12) {
        optionsObj.firstDay = 1;
        optionsObj.beforeShowDay = function (date) {
            var disabledDays = [’12/24/2018’, ’12/31/2018’],
                currentDate = jQuery.datepicker.formatDate('mm/dd/yy', date),
                day = date.getDay();
            return [!(disabledDays.indexOf(currentDate) != -1 || day == 1)];
    return optionsObj;


the form ID and the field ID are correct - but it’s not working.

I had it working to exclude only Xmas Eve before, but since I have tried to edit I cannot even get that working again.

I’m sure it’s something simple - but I can’t see it. I’ve also deleted the previous block and started again from scratch…

Any and all help gratefully received…


As I posted this I noticed that the date format is mm/dd/yy and yet the year is listed as 2018 - I thought that could be part of the issue - but changing the dates to 12/24/18 made no difference…

Hi Steve. I see you have a support ticket already. I will leave this open here in case anyone wants to comment, but for support we will use the support ticket you opened. Thank you.

Thanks, Chris - that would be great - I can see no way to access the support tickets - and I opened a new one today as the one from last week was answered only to ask for the access codes - nothing appears to have been done, nor did I receive a further reply - I was out of the office for a few days at a conference and was only able to follow up on this today… my client is getting louder!

I see the new ticket for today. We don’t address the concern here but will focus instead on the support ticket. If someone from the community wants to help here, I will leave this open for that purpose. Thanks.


I’ve not heard back from anyone regarding the issues I have with one of the forms on my site.

The issue is with the form that should block done specific dates as well as one day a week.

I need to fix this as soon as possible. Please have someone get back to me.



This email was sent from my phone - apologies if it is brief.

I will find the ticket and be sure you get a response. I’ll close this topic for now.