Do not offer Gravity Form choices value for translation in WPML String Translation


I use Gravity Forms on the website I’m working on, for a while. This website is translated with WPML.

Some of my forms are quite consistant, and translated in multiple languages.

Since I have some email ongoing notification specific routings, among other things, I translate these forms, so that the fields have the same logic and choices among languages. So that they are only translated for user interface. Therefore, I translate them through String Translation.

Now, the problem I encounter, is that WPML String Translation will also show “-values” entries, which correspond to the data value, for any choice.

Tell me if I’m wrong, but the String Translation behavior makes me often get unpurposely translate the values, while I absolutely don’t want them translated.

While I DO want to translate the choices for the user, I definitely don’t want to have the values offered for translation, for 2 reasons:

  • It doubles the length of the list of entries to tranlsate
  • I don’t want to adapt the ongoing logic depending on the value attached to a choice, for every language.

Let’s take an example:

Think of a form where there’s a “Topic” dropdown menu entry, which offers the following choices:

  • Request for General Information,
  • Quotation
  • After Sales Services

If the user selects “General Information” or “Quotation”, s-he just needs, and gets a classic text field to explain what I need. However, if s-he selects After Sales services, there 's plenty of things to qualify, so we add some logic to display complementary fields. Which rely on that field’s choice related value.

Now, if the value for the “After Sales Services” choice gets wrongly translated (and trust me it occurs quite often), these fields just won’t show up for the user, since there’s no behavior for the translation of the “After Sales Services choice” choice value.
So that it will break the behavior of the form in translations.

Makes sense?

In the end, I’d rather like the values not offered for translation.

I’m I the only one feeling that way?


@TM56 WPML develop their Gravity Forms integration in-house, and it isn’t an official add-on produced by Gravity Forms. If the integration doesn’t work the way you expect it to, your best bet is to contact the WPML team directly: English Support - WPML

A quick look at the known issues does suggest WPML are aware of this problem: Gravity Forms - Missing checkbox values export in secondary languages - WPML

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