Display the confirmation AND the form, too

I have a form intended for data entry. People who are using it will fill out the form and then, hopefully, fill it out again and again. Is there a way to show the confirmation AND the form again, too?

Of note, I found gravity whiz already, but $59 - $299 a year seems like a lot of money to just display the form again under the confirmation.

This scenario is not supported by Gravity Forms. The form is always replaced by the confirmation.

If you’re using a Text confirmation, you could just put a link to the form page like:

<a href="https://example.com/form-page">Click here to submit the form again</a>

It would be the “cheap alternative” to the Gravity Wiz add-on :smile:

funny story, if I put a different form’s short-code in the confirmations, it presents the form. However, if I use the short-code for the same form, it responds “Oops! We could not locate your form.”

For the benefit of anyone who stumbles across this thread, I got around this issue with a touch of jquery that does an ajax load of the page, and only returns the form. Vis:

  $( document ).ready(function() {
    if($(".gform_not_found").length) { 
      $( ".gform_not_found" ).load( window.location.href+" #gform_wrapper_12" );

That effectively replaces the error mentioned above when trying to call the same form in through the confirmation. the _12 part is the form ID number of my particular form.

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Hi Michael,

Interesting. Can you post a screenshot of your end product? Would be helpful.

Thank you!


You mean a screenshot of the form displaying underneath the confirmation?

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