Display Number Of Times Radio Button Was Clicked

I have a client who wants to display a weekly prayer with a radio button that says “I prayed for this.” They also want to show the number of times that radio button was clicked. “XXX people prayed this week.”

Can GravityForms do anything like this - show the number of times a radio button was clicked?

Hi David. Gravity Forms can’t really do anything like that, unless you submit the form. What you could do is have a simple form with the prayer text on it. Have the radio button pre-selected if you like. You can even hide the input element with CSS. Then, change the submit button text to “I prayed for this”. That submit button will submit the form and create an entry. You can have a Text confirmation that says whatever you like on the same page.

I recommend disabling notifications, since those won’t contain any useful information.

Then, you can use something like this to show “XXX people prayed this week” using a shortcode from Gravity Wiz to display the number of entries:

I think that should be workable. Let us know if you have any questions.

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