Gravity Forms Counter Function

Hi there, I have two questions (who are alike)

  1. I have a form for users to fill in (sign) if they agree with a statement.
    Is it possible to count how many times this specific form is submitted (signed)? And can I display this number on the homepage?

  2. I have a flexible donation form (users can donate a free amount).
    Is it possible to count the total amount of donation and again post this number on the homepage?

Thx in advance!

//EDIT: I think I found my own answer: Count - GravityWP :slight_smile:

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Hello. Yes, that is one way. Gravity Wiz also has some free snippets that might help:

I recommend checking out the solutions from Gravity Wiz (free and paid Perks.) I believe you will find what you need there. Thank you.

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