Display disabled placeholder text in dropdown. i.e. Please Select

I’m trying to have the first option of a select dropdown be “Please Select” but have the option be disabled so users cannot select it as an option. Using placeholder text as recommended here Dropdown - Display 'Please select' label in field [RESOLVED] does not disable the placeholder text as a valid option for users to select. There was also no resolution to this legacy forum question Drop Down Menu first item not selected « Gravity Support Forums. Is there a way to add a disabled first option to a dropdown?

Hi Weston. When setting a Placeholder on the Advanced tab for a Drop Down field, if the user submits the form with the placeholder still selected, you will get a validation error and the user must return to the form and make a valid selection, Here’s a screenshot of the validation error. “Can’t Touch This” is my placeholder and I submitted the form without making a selection in that field:

Thanks @chrishajer, wouldn’t that be considered a bug? An option that can be selected by the user but throws an error for no apparent reason from the user’s perspective? Placeholder text shouldn’t be selectable. It should have the disabled attribute on it.

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