Display address value in content and/or map dynamically [RESOLVED]

I’m passing an address from bellinghampropertyvalues.com to the above page. In addition to populating the hidden form field, I want to insert the address into the content [insert subject address here} as well as the map widget when the page loads. Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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So, the first step is to dynamically populate a field in the form with that complete address string. It looks like you are using the dynamic population parameter name of “input_2_1”. Set a text field in your form to be populated dynamically, and use that input_2_1 as the parameter name. While that looks like a field ID from your form, it does not actually populate that particular field in the form, unless you set the field up to be populated dynamically, and use that parameter name. You could use something like ‘getmyvalue’ or ‘theaddress’ or ‘add’, so long as you use it in both places (the link, and the parameter name for the dynamically populated field.)

That will take care of getting the data into the form field. The mapping will have to be handled separately. Do you have a mapping plugin already that you want to incorporate?

Thanks Chris. I had the address field hidden. I made it visible again. I bought Google Maps Extended plugin and Elementor Pro and Essential Addon has Google maps, but doesn’t look straight forward to inserting an address dynamically. I’m open to any recommendation to meeting our need. Still unclear on how to insert the string value into the page as content.

You can populate a field in the form using the method I provided. If you want to populate something on the page, in WordPress content, rather than in a Gravity Forms form, then you would not see Gravity Forms as at all.

Can you explain a little more about what you’re trying to do, and where Gravity Forms is involved?

Also, without having those add-ons, it’s hard to help with this at all.

I appreciate you taking the time to understand what I’m trying to accomplish. Thank you.

We are building a landing page that homeowners can request a home value report to see their property. When they land on bellinghampropertyvalues.com, it asks them to type their address, which I’m using the Google Places API via a GF autofill add-on I purchased (works great). I’m passing the address as a paramenter to the new page bellinghampropertyvalues.com/request-value-report/ and populating the address field (which is working properly). In addition, I want to insert the address into the page content [insert subject address here] as shown in the image and at the same time render the address on a map display.

If I need additional addons or plugins to accomplish this task, I’m happy to purchase them.

Hi Grant. Is the address field hidden in the form, and that is already working properly?

Yes, the address field is already working property and I had it hidden.

Thanks. Can you show that field, so they can see the address they submitted? You can make it ‘read only’ so they can’t change it, if you want. Or do you want the address in a single line, the way they completed it on the first page? I’m happy to go back and forth and help think this through.

If you want to keep the address field hidden, but show the submitted address in the page, you can populate another field in the form, and make that visible. You can use the same query string parameter name that you use for the address field. You can then style that field as read only, and hide the border and background to make it appear as just part of the page.

If you don’t want to populate anything else in the form, you will need to capture that value from the query string, and send it to the WordPress page somehow. Gravity Forms can’t do that for you. WordPress would have to intercept that and use it (in the page template, or via a shortcode in the page maybe.)

Here’s one way to do that:

EDIT: Here’s a plugin :slight_smile:

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Thanks Chris. It looks like it should solve the content insert part of my need. I really appreciate your effort. Cheers, Grant

Ok, so we are half way there? You still need help sending that information to the mapping function you have?

Yes. If you have any guidance for me. I’m open to even changing the map solution if that gets me there.

So far I haven’t figured out the right shortcode to get the URL Params to insert my string. I’ve tried every combo I can think of with no success. They don’t have any real documentation and the last forum entry has in 2014. Any suggestions on the correct shortcode? [urlparam param="?"]

The string is /?input_2_1=410+Larrabee+Ave%2C+Bellingham%2C+WA+98225%2C+USA

Try [urlparam param="input_2_1" /]

Awesome. Thank you Chris. Looks great.

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Thanks for all your help Chris. We were able to get the map working. Optimizing for all devices and then launching campaigns. I appreciate you and all your help.

Great news! Thanks for the update Grant.