Deprecation notice in PHP 8.2.x [RESOLVED]


Testing in PHP 8.2.4. I get the following notices

PHP Deprecated:  Using ${var} in strings is deprecated, use {$var} instead in .../gravityforms/includes/fields/class-gf-field-list.php on line 167
PHP Deprecated:  Using ${var} in strings is deprecated, use {$var} instead in .../gravityforms/includes/fields/class-gf-field-repeater.php on line 584


Thank you for the report. We’ll get that fixed up in a future release.

@chrishajer Do you have an ETA on what that’ll be? PHP 8.0 is EOL in only 3 months and I’d like to start upgrading my site to PHP 8.2, however GF is the only plugin remaining that isn’t fully 8.2 compatible yet.

The product team operates a sprint-based workflow, with issues assigned by the management team during fortnightly sprint planning meetings. We can’t guarantee when they will add an issue to a sprint; they often determine that other issues already in the backlog have a higher priority and need tackling first.

I wouldn’t let a deprecation notice prevent you from upgrading to PHP8.2. Provided you aren’t displaying PHP errors in the browser in production, they aren’t going to have any effect on the functionality of Gravity Forms.

Deprecation notices act as an early warning system, and let developers know that the next major version of PHP (v9 in this case) will have a breaking change. The deprecation warnings do need to be fixed before that major version is released, but there is ample time (there isn’t a release date, or a plan of a release date for v9 right now).

WordPress itself still has a number of PHP8.2 deprecation warnings to fix: Custom Query – WordPress Trac

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