Delay loading of recaptcha

While it appears GF does defer the recaptcha script, it still has an effect on load time and page weight, which is unavoidable and acceptable in a typical use case, but with a case like footer contact form that appears on every page, this is non-ideal.

Does GF offer a way to delay loading of recaptcha (v2, checkbox) until the form is activated (one of the fields get focus) or the form reaches the viewport? I see similar has been requested a while back but no solution was given publicly:

FWIW, I’ve used the “load recaptcha on form field focus” approach on a non-WP site and it worked fine, assuming you consider the late appearance of the recaptcha checkbox block acceptable.

Doing that is not a feature of Gravity Forms. We don’t have any workaround at hand for it either.

I would recommend you to post your request in the Job Board or consider replacing reCAPTCHA with any of the anti-spam alternatives not requiring front-end loading of resources, you can find a bunch listed here:

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Thanks Samuel.
Definitely be a good item for the roadmap IMO.

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