Decimal points and currency in a wpml setup

in the system settings I have set currency to €. this means the decimal is uses like on so far so good: “2 euro, 52 cents” is shown and -even more important- used in calculations like €2,52

I have 2 questions:

  1. I use a slider that can only show numbers in the us/uk fomat with dots as fractional seperator, in my example: €2.52. But then its uses on the calculation fiels like 252 cause I have the EU numbe3r field set like 1.000,23 instead of the uk/usa version: 1,000.23 Any way around this?

  2. When then using wpml to translate dutch in english or spanish, how to set the right currency then? its a overall setting in grafity form, not a per form setting? (iam aware that wpml has a special gravity form plugin , but that has no influence on currency, isnt it?

any answer in this question?