Changing the currency formatting messes with user input

Hey Gravity!

I’m using this code:

 * Modify the formatting of the EUR currency.
	function( $currencies ) {
		$currencies['EUR']['symbol_left']        = '';
		$currencies['EUR']['symbol_right']       = '';
		$currencies['EUR']['symbol_padding']     = '';
		$currencies['EUR']['thousand_separator'] = '.';
		$currencies['EUR']['decimals']           = 0;
		return $currencies;

to change the decimals to zero and hide the symbol of the EUR currency. This works! However, when I go continue to the next page and then go back, the values have changed. For example: I filled in 50000 (50.000 when converted). I continue to the next page, then go back. The same value has now changed to 50.

This does not happen for values higher than 1.000.000 weirdly enough. It also doesn’t happen when I only change the decimals value to zero, but leave the other array fields.

Any ideas?

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