Datepicker issue with multiple forms on same page

So I have a page with 2 forms, one is visible on desktop and the other one is just for mobile, I’ve read that showing the same form twice on a page causes some issues so I’ve cloned the desktop form to a mobile-only form

The issue I am having now is that the datepicker isn’t loading the date into the mobile form it shows blank and when I check the desktop form it has loaded the date selected from the mobile form

I’ve already tried cloning the datefields on the mobile form so they don’t have the same field ID but it is still doing that

I should note that the mobile form is loaded inside a modal

You shouldn’t experience any issue as long as you’re using different forms (so the form id is different). If you can replicate the issue using two different forms, I would recommend you to create a test page using the default WordPress editor, without any popups, to discard any issue with your popup solution.

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